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As pioneers in our region, we’ve been running our body conditioning and teaching programs since 1998. Created by Artistic Director Janice Roy Mundy, inspiring a path to wellness through the art of movement and mindfulness.

Our training was highlighted at the World Confederation for Physical Therapists as a program that seamlessly integrates the art of aerial yoga with therapeutic benefits to enhance well-being for all ages and abilities.

Course Structure

  • 12 Online Modules
  • 4-day immersive experience

This program is designed to begin with 6 online modules, workbook, and exercises without requiring an Aerial Yoga Hammock. Progressing to the 4-day immersive experience to complete your certification.

For those with an Aerial Yoga Hammock, you may continue through the remaining modules.

The event is in-person and live-streamed. The 4-day journey promises to be unforgettable. You will be creatively inspired, childishly excited, passionately overwhelmed, and respectfully proud of your accomplishments and transformation. Join us to experience aerial yoga like never before.

Our immersive experiences are available in-person, interactively live streamed, or recorded.

What you receive:

  • Your online library of content, workbook & teaching manual
  • 4-day Immersive
  • Full Moon Aerial Sound Healing Ceremony
  • Detailed instructions and video tutorials on over 300 aerial postures, including their benefits, applications, modifications, and complimentary floor asanas
  • Comprehensive tools and templates to create and evolve your class structure
  • In-depth coverage of Body Systems layering the integration of western and eastern practices
  • 25% off P+ Aerial Yoga Equipment valid 1 month from purchase
  • 25% Off Online Classes - Purchase within 1 Month, Keep Forever!

Online Modules:

  • Foundations of Aerial Yoga
  • Breath Development
  • Postural Characteristics
  • Body systems and Mechanics
  • Full Supported Postures
  • Partial supported Postures
  • Movement & Transitions
  • Advanced Postures
  • Health & Safety
  • Equipment & Rigging
  • Teaching Methodology - private practice - group classes - retreats
  • Creating a sustainable Business

The Rainforest Retreat 4-Day Immersive Experience

Immerse yourself in our retreat-style training atop Towen Mountain. This luxurious training experience is set amidst the rainforest on Gubbi Gubbi land, offering breathtaking ocean views. Decompress in this serene environment while engaging in a variety of aerial yoga classes, teaching observations and practicums, breathwork sessions, cold plunge, and be a part of our transformative Full Moon Aerial Sound Healing Ceremony. Ensuring a diverse and comprehensive immersive experience.

*Onsite accommodation and Airport Shuttle available upon request*

Mentor Program

As a private training facility, we have the luxury of offering an ongoing network of support for our students. Be involved in our workshops, filming, trainings, retreats, or simply promote your new path with our clients. Once you have completed your Certificate, we also offer one on one meetings as you need to help guide you through your journey and welcome you into our community.

Course Dates

Sunshine Coast, Australia

  • August 14-17, 2024
  • March 9-12, 2025
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